25 Şubat 2011 Cuma

Dark Entries #11

01 Indochine                               L'aventurier
02 Escarlatina Obsessiva            The Death of the Bishop
03 Naughty Zombies                    Hospital
04 Siglo XX                                 The End Of The Night
05 Public Image Ltd.                    Bad Life
06 The Neon Judgement               Tomorrow In The Papers
07 Art Diktator                             Why Can The Bodies Fly
08 Led Er Est                              Laredo
09 Martial Canterel                       Occupy These Terms
10 Blaine L. Reininger                  What Use Indeed? (Live)
11 Coldreams                              Eyes
12 The Cure                                 The Drowning Man
13 Tones On Tail                          Burning Skies


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